AS Media Studies – Course Outline

AS Media Studies is split into two parts: coursework and exam. Each part is worth 50% of the total marks, and therefore balance each other out to form the whole AS. The exam board for this course is OCR, who issue the syllabus and exam.

The exam is split into two sections, section A and section B. Section A works with ‘Textual Analysis and Representation’, and shows students a clip from a TV drama four times. This small clip is around five minutes in length. From these four viewings, we must analyze seven different areas of the clip. These seven areas include ability (and disability), class (for example, upper class – the social status of the character), categories, representation, sexuality, identity and power. Section B is about the  ‘Institutions and Audiences’. This contains one single question for which we must give an interpretation of the film industry –  the production, marketing, viewing and distribution of a film.

The coursework aspect of the course is done in the style of a portfolio. My blog will act as the paperwork behind the portfolio, demonstrating the research, planning, execution and evaluation of the different exercises, in detail. It will also display my own personal interests in media, as I display my media based interests. These blog posts will be created and displayed in different forms, for example my ideas may be displayed in imagery or using a video blog.  The evaluation looks at the completed exercise, and different aspects of it. These evaluations will contain multiple sections, in the form of questions and answers.