Production Log: Week 2

Saturday, 14th January

Yesterday, we went to film a “flashback” scene in Tesco, using the photobooth there. We hoped we could cross-cut between our footage from December, and this footage. We eventually decided that we would still need to film again, in order to get the desired touch to the film.

The new idea, still accompanied with the same song, is to display Katie, a girl who is in love with her friend, wake up in her room, fully ready, and walks down the street singing and playing her guitar.

Today, we filmed in Horncastle, using the house of a friend. We originally wanted to have Katie walk down the stairs singing and playing her guitar, but unfortunately Katie felt that it the stairs were not wide enough, and that she could not hold the neck of the guitar at a little more of a slant, to counteract this problem.

To try solve this gap where the footage of the stairs would have been, we decided to, instead, film on thedsc_0017 rooftop, with access through a (slightly awkward) window. After some attempts at getting through the window, we did successfully get this filmed, although I don’t think it will be as effective as if we had filmed down the stairs.

On the left, is a diagram showing where we were planning on filming, and where Katie would be shown to walk. We thought it would be good to have some tracking-shots between point 1 and 2, and to orbit around point 4, an island in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, Katie did not feel ‘comfortable’ enough to film this, so we had to settle with filming a straight walk down a street just right of point 4.


Production Log: Week 1

Wednesday, 21st December

Today was our first day filming, for our idea. We have requested a room in one of the local medical establishments, so we can easily film there and portray the story, without being disturbed. We had to arrive for 11am, and we arrived on time, ready to film.

When we set-up in the room we were given, we were rather surprised at how small the rooms in the practice were – they were defiantly smaller than we’d have hoped for. Unfortunately, this gave us movement issues, where we could place the camera, and where Katie could actually walk. This really limited our shots to a few static shots, and a moving steadicam shot.

We managed to film what we needed within the time-slot we were given by the staff there, however the quality and usability was absolutely affected.