Originally, we wanted to film within the local medical centre, but when we enquired about it, we were asked to prepare a letter, and were told that there was a very high chance that they would not be able to offer us a place to film, as they already had major responsibilities which were already utilising their facilities.




We wanted to film here, as it was an old-style medical practice, which had been renovated inside to be utilised as a medical practice. We would have liked to film inside and outside the practice, as it is surrounded with trees, which gives a rather odd effect, which we would have liked to utilise.


Instead, we were required to go and find another place to film, which turned out to be another, local practice. This practice was run by the NHS, as opposed to being funded by the NHS, which meant that it looked hospital-istic, and was branded with NHS or hospital-style signage, which took this effect away (although it was in the back of an old building).






Here is a video, we took, of the room we were given to film within; it was smaller than we would have liked.

The actor

For our film, we are not going to be using any external actors or crew; it would be a further hassle, and we already have the people we need to successfully film this. Originally, we were going to get another student, who can sing, to play the part of our character, however it was suggested by Mr Jackson, that we utilized what we already had – Katie.

Katie is already experienced at singing, and at also playing the guitar – there were the qualities we required, and thus we decided to stop our search, and utilize her. This also meant that there was more dedication to the task, as a good shot works as a personal goal, not just a favor.

Storyboard & Script: Feedback

We showed our storyboard mock-up of the film, and our script to several people for evaluation and feedback. The best, most in-depth potentially helpful feedback was given from Mr Jackson.

He suggested, that we switch around our sound bridge in our script, so that the film starts with genuine singing, before moving into a sound bridge. This makes viewer more in-depth with the character, but also makes more sense, as opposed to moving in and out of a sound bridge.