(Post-)Production Log: Week 6

Friday, 10th February

So it’s been six weeks since we started this project, and we’ve finally done! It took some effort, and we did have some chaos throughout this week’s duration.

Katie, over the weekend, re-recorded the audio for our project. She’d exported our film without audio and sang along to what she was singing in the song, so that we’d be synced perfectly. Unfortunately, when I imported it, it was majorly out of sync at certain parts – not good news for us. We found out, from Mr Grant, that the audio recorders we use have a slightly different configuration to what Final Cut Pro automatically uses.

This caused our audio to go out of sync, and in-turn we had to manually speed-up and slow down sections of our audio to make it work. Unfortunately, you can hear the obvious issues in certain parts, but that shouldn’t effect our final project’s appearance drastically.

Katie was ready to get the photographs done, but unfortunately our actress Georgia was being controlled by her friend 🐍, who happens to have a large dislike to both myself and Katie. This effected our product, and caused would have equally as much difficulties as the audio issue. I thankfully had pre-recorded some extra static scenery footage, and we were able to place that in here.

Our final film didn’t work to what I expected, but that could just be because I’ve now gotten sick of looking at it. Katie seems to quite like it, so presumably the latter as opposed to it being terrible.


You can see the final piece here.


(Post-)Production Log: Week 5

Sunday, 5th February

It’s Sunday today, and we’ve had another week of editing. Our film is practically at the same stage as before, Katie decided at the end of last week to re-record the audio, and is taking a while to get that done. Until we’ve got that new audio, we’re stuck at a halt.

Katie’s also negotiated with photobooth actress, Georgia, to take these photos together next week.

(Post-)Production Log: Week 4

Monday, 30th January

So this week has been a success. We’ve managed to get our film in a reasonable state – we just now need to add a few more shots into the mix.

We’ve got a scene where two friends are in a photobooth together. We placed a white piece of plastic to pretend to be a photo. We want to grab a photo with the actress(s) who took part in this scene, and add that in. We’ve left about ten seconds for this, as we’re wanting to get a few shots of these photographs being shown.

Katie designed a text-based logo for the film, and has exported that for our film. We’re placing it at the end of the clip, away from our introducing titles. The two fonts clash together, but they both work really well when apart.

I went out earlier this week whilst editing to quickly grab a shot of a tree in the light, and the sound of some birds tweeting. We’re placing this at the end of the film, to signify a new day. We’re showing this and cutting here, as the brief stated we should show the first two minutes of a film, and we’re not going to engineer our film so that the audience knows what’s happening 24/7.

I’m going to go out and get a few more static shots and environment shots – we think there might be a need for them, just in-case some things go a little wrong.

(Post-)Production Log: Week 3

Sunday, 22nd January

So we’re now into post-production. We’ve cut our footage into one main piece, based on our storyboards, and it’s starting to look like something! At current, it’s not exactly what we expected, but we’ll be able to finally get there, with some time and work.

We’ve added our idents; this was a basic go-to as a start for the project. We’ve also added our track of Katie’s singing; we’re not sure if this will work at the current time, but we’re using it as a base-line and something to work from. We’ve also added in the titles, although I think we need to pick our fonts correctly – there could be some nice things done in this department.