Red State


How the film was produced, distributed and exhibited in the USA.
Finish with a brief paragraph about the international release.

As opposed to following the normal conventions of the film industry, where a film director and producers will sell the film onwards to film studios, or will make the films for the studios. Kevin Smith, the producer, makes a speech at the sundance film festival talking about these issues, and talking to the audience, who are mainly distributors, large film studios, and film fans, about how the art of independent filmmaking is dying because of the regular conventions. Smith talks about how his own struggles with independent filmmaking, and how he thought it better to cut out the third parties and to distribute, produce and advertise the film himself.

For this reason, Smith decided to personally exhibit the film himself, across the United States. He setup tours across the United States, and generated in his first screening $204,230. In the lifetime of the film, only $1,104,682 (approx 1/4 of the production cost) was received, which ironically shows how Smith’s judgement was flawed. Alternatively, this also shows how independent filmmakers can still do well without any other third parties.


Below is the clip where Smith talks about these issues.


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