Key Vocab (Terminology)

Horizontal / Vertical Integration

Vertical – How big companies control its own operations.

For example, a company making their own DVDs, making the films etc.

Horizontal – How big companies will buy other smaller companies to do their work.

For example, Apple buys a smaller company who makes the Siri software. The software is then labeled as an Apple product, and placed within Apple devices.

Theatrical / Non-Theatrical Exhibition

Theatrical – The showing of media within a theater.

Non-Theatrical – The showing of media outside of a theater, for example at home.

Gorilla Filmmaking – Anyone can make a film, due to the low cost, low skill technologies available today.

Synergy – Bla Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

Symbiosis – Using another companies’ needs to your own benefit.

For example, a film company making a contract with McDonalds to allow their characters to be used in happy meal toys. McDonalds’ toys make children drag their parents to McDonalds, spending money, but also works as a free advertising technique.

Technological Disruption – One entity knocked out by another.

For example, modern phones’ development knocking out the old-er Nokia 3310 devices.

Media Ownership – Who owns the media.

Media Conglomerates – Who owns the companies?

For example, Google owns many smaller companies, so any work of these smaller companies are essentially the property (by proxy) of Google.

Concentration of Ownership – The amount that companies own within a product or another company.

Targeted / Integrated Advertising

Targeted – Targeting advertising at a certain audience.

For example, a children’s film is more likely to advertise on a children’s TV channel, not the Sky news channel.

Integrated – Advertising which is integrated into normal life.

For example, a billboard or film poster in a public place, such as street.

Gross / Media Ownership – Big companies owning lots of media companies.

For example, Warner Brothers owns many many companies, such as the movie studio, music-production/release studio etc.

“The Big 6”  – The six big companies who majoritively own the market.

  • Warner Bros.
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Paramount
  • Universal
  • Sony
  • Walt Disney

Distribution – The act of getting film from the production company to the viewer.

Exhibition – The screening of a film, either in the cinema or via the use of personal technologies.

“Lionsgate 20”  –  The $20,000,000 used by film producer Lionsgate to advertise their new films.


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