(Post-)Production Log: Week 6

Friday, 10th February

So it’s been six weeks since we started this project, and we’ve finally done! It took some effort, and we did have some chaos throughout this week’s duration.

Katie, over the weekend, re-recorded the audio for our project. She’d exported our film without audio and sang along to what she was singing in the song, so that we’d be synced perfectly. Unfortunately, when I imported it, it was majorly out of sync at certain parts – not good news for us. We found out, from Mr Grant, that the audio recorders we use have a slightly different configuration to what Final Cut Pro automatically uses.

This caused our audio to go out of sync, and in-turn we had to manually speed-up and slow down sections of our audio to make it work. Unfortunately, you can hear the obvious issues in certain parts, but that shouldn’t effect our final project’s appearance drastically.

Katie was ready to get the photographs done, but unfortunately our actress Georgia was being controlled by her friend 🐍, who happens to have a large dislike to both myself and Katie. This effected our product, and caused would have equally as much difficulties as the audio issue. I thankfully had pre-recorded some extra static scenery footage, and we were able to place that in here.

Our final film didn’t work to what I expected, but that could just be because I’ve now gotten sick of looking at it. Katie seems to quite like it, so presumably the latter as opposed to it being terrible.


You can see the final piece here.


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