The Belko Experiment

In their trailers, not many films catch my attention and draw me to want to watch them. I’ve never really became interested in the The Purge franchise through the trailers, and only watched them because they seemed cool. This stands with most films. Some films, I like the look of, just from their trailers, such as Sully, Ghostbusters (2016), Grimsby.


When the trailer for The Belko Experiment was first shown to me, I was intrigued. This film looks good, it has a cool plot-line, and better yet, it’s got some experienced people working in the crew (for example, Peter Safran, producer of The Conjuring, Annabell, The Conjuring 2), and from what I see in the trailer, it has a semi-decent storyline.

The trailer makes the film seem quite good, we’re just gonna have to wait for the release, on the 17th March.


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