Audience Expectations and Pleasures

The audience (obviously) is a major factor during the development of a film. Directors and crew must be very specific, for their final production to appeal to the expectations and pleasures of the viewer (imagine how annoyed you’d be, if you went to go see your favorite superhero movie, to find it’s just a more expensive version of EastEnders).


Here are some of the audience expectations and pleasures that we found, and will attempt to incorporate into our film.

  • A simple storyline, which has elaborate dance and musical performances.
  • Appeals to a broad age range, via the use of actors’ ages and/or the story.
  • The films regularly dip into drama and comedy, keeping the viewers entertained and humored.
  • The films regularly burst into song and dance, without any warning.
  • The films’ scores are memorable and catchy.

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