Musical Genre Features

Each genre has it’s own very definitive characteristics and features that define the genre as what it is. To ensure that our idea suits the trends of the musical genre, we have done some research on the genre features commonly found in musical productions.


Films produced for the musical genre (always contain) a musical score, usually composed although  compiled on occasion. These scores, when composed, are usually very rhyme-y or catchy, which keeps the ideas put forward in the song at the front of the viewer’s mind. The music is regularly catchy in tune, and very simple (so the viewer can easily grasp and predict).

Here’s an example of a catchy, simple composed score which puts forward ideas into the viewer’s mind.


The composed scores are regularly placed between acting, as if (let’s say the scene was real life) the character just began singing, and everyone acts as if nothing happened (whereas in real life, someone would query your sudden show of talent – or lack of it).


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