Lucky You: Our Attempt

We attempted our replication of a move scene again, in order to attempt to get a better-quality final film. This time, we shot the film in two groups, in order to give more flexibility and to ensure that nobody is sat standing around whilst not in use for filming, or when assisting in the filming.

We were tasked to create the best finalized replication, of the movie “Lucky You”. In my group, were Emily, Grace, Emilia, Millie and myself. We worked in our regular room, as we were focusing more on the editing as opposed to the mise-en-scene of the scene.

We spent one lesson, previous to our filming date, watching the clip we were to attempt to replicate, and taking notes. We delegated jobs to each other, in order to ensure that the group was organized. I looked at the order of the cards, how they were put on the table, what was said, and the hand movements surrounding them. The next day, we filmed the scene.

Our filming setup and organization was successful, although we did encounter two problems. Firstly, all the batteries in the department had been run flat and left, meaning we could only film for five minutes or so at a time, until we had to replace the batteries. We also filmed with an audio recorder and boom microphone, but unfortunately, in post-production, the bag containing the recorder was taken by another year group before we could get the audio from it. This left us with the overly quiet and distorted audio from the camera.

During post-production, Millie (who was ill for both planning and filming), joined me to create our finished version. We were given the time constraint of one lesson to edit, which we found proved rather difficult due to some of the issues highlighted above (for example, we could not find audio where you can actually hear the actors). We attempted the best we could, but unfortunately also were left with some (although minor in thought, in scale rather major) issues.

Firstly, there are a few audio clipping issues, where you could hear our director beginning the action before we began to speak. Another thing I spotted, which I felt was an issue, was my eye positioning. We wrote the script as a prompt for myself on the board, but in one shot, the camera was placed underneath the board, meaning I would inadvertently be looking directly into the camera.

Below is our attempt of this clip, take a look for yourself.


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