Christmas Adverts 2016

Every year, during the buildup to Christmas, shops and other businesses modify their advertising schemes to fit the theme of Christmas. These adverts usually depict a good Christmas – be it children getting the presents they wanted or a family enjoying their Christmas dinner.

The hype this year, and most years, is for the John Lewis Christmas advert. John Lewis’ new Christmas advert for this year is a two minute clip depicting a dog getting first use of it’s owner’s Christmas present. The clip reminds viewers that Christmas is for all to enjoy, and depicts this through it’s use of animals.


Waitrose also brought in their advert, depicting a robin taking a massive flight home, in order to share a mince pie with his friend (or family member). This advert also reminds viewers that Christmas is a time for all to be together.


One of the most unexpected releases this year is the Lidl Christmas advert. Lidl’s Christmas advert depicted a regular family enjoying Christmas together, preparing and also bringing the family together. This advert really was unexpected, but is probably one of the best that will be brought out this year.


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