Monsters Inc (2001): Boo!

monsters_incMonsters Inc is a family fun film which shows the imagination of children come to life. It helps with getting kids over the fear of monsters, by introducing them to humour and to the friendliness of Sully, the organization’s top scarcer. Monsters Inc is a company which is contracted to scare children, in order to generate electricity, to power the local city of monsters. Sully, a blue lovable character, is the company’s top scarcer, and Mike, the one eyed green blob, his sidekick. But when the company becomes desperate for more scares, Randall, a jealous snake like monster takes his scare gathering to the next level.


When working overtime, Randall leaves open a child’s door open, which ends in the door’s owner escaping into the monster world. Sully discovers this, and after tying to replace it back in its room, takes it as one of his own, and gives the child the name: Boo.




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