Qegervoir Dogs (Reservoir Dogs Introduction Attempt)

As to introduce us to more techniques of filming and planning, we were set the task to replicate (to the best of our ability), the introduction scene to Reservoir Dogs, a 1992 Quentin Tarantino film.

We worked as a group, in order to plan, film and act out our clip. However, once filmed, we separately edited the clips to make them our own. We originally planned to have the introduction voice “That was the partridge family’s…” recorded by a member of our group, but we ended up cutting that idea from the end production due to time limitations.

We spent a lessons (50 mins) watching the scene on repeat, in order to note small and large, noticeable features. We also spent another lesson (50 mins) planning, and finalizing our ideas before we filmed on the Monday morning. We also used this lesson to book rooms, and to familiarize ourself with the new equipment (for example, the dolly).

On Monday, we all arrived (bar one ill) with our clothing (if needed) and props, ready to film the introduction. Along with our notes and storyboards, we went to the school canteen in order to film the first section of film, before the fade to black. We filmed this in three takes, with us not remembering that the camera can see further than one of the pillars, and that we needed to continue walking until told.

We then spent some time filming outside, on a dolly. We filmed our group walking past our rolling dolly, before we had to stop due to time limitations. Later in that day, we spent some more time filming, redoing the dolly shots and also filming our tracking shots. Somehow, we thought that it would be a better idea walking on the spot, as opposed to towards a tracking camera, which was shown in production, and looking back, was obviously the wrong move to play.

Here’s my attempt at the editing. If I were to redo this, I’d fix a few of the cuts (so they are smoother) but also remove the unintentional footage at the end of the clip, which should not have been exported in the final version *Sigh*.



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