Camera Stabilization

Filming with a shaky camera, unless with the intention of showing a shaky view (for example, in a POV shot). If you wanted to film a man running down a road, this would commonly be extremely difficult to achieve when fully handheld.

This is where camera stabilization comes in. Garrett Brown, a cameraman, in 1971 created the first camera stabilizer. This was named the Steadicam, and has become the most widely known and used camera stabilization brand in the industry.

The invention and distribution of the Steadicam gave more freedom to directors and film producers, combining the steady footage from a tripod, but the motion of a dolly and the flexibility of a hand-held shot.

Bound for Glory, a 1976 Hal Ashby film, was the first cinema film to use and demonstrate the powers of the Steadicam. A technical shot in this film caused a stir of interest in the industry, which invited many directors to show interest in using the kit.

One of these directors, Stanley Kubrick, requested that the camera shot from a near-floor level distance, which prompted Brown to develop a new addon to the system, arguably the largest development to the system, bar it’s production.