Commercial TV Talent Shows – Why idiots get in

Commercial TV relies on viewers to generate funds. As opposed to state-funded channels, commercial channels utilise advertising to generate funds to run the organisation.

Talent shows for commercial TV, although can and do pick the obvious talent, they also pick the obviously idiotic acts. These idiotic acts usually bring a much larger number of viewers throughout the broadcast and social media clips. This brings in more viewers to the regular broadcasts, but also generates more revenue in advertising money.


A good example would be 2016 X-Factor. Contestant “Honey G” was rejected to continue with the show to the “judges’ houses” stage, but due to an unfortunate issue with one of the other contestants, got in. After an absolutely awful performance to judge Sharon Osbourne and guest Robbie Williams, Sharon decided that “Honey G” was to continue into the live finals. Although this is my very opinionated statement, my views have been shared throughout the nation.
‘Proof that X Factor is FIXED’: Viewers outraged Honey G and Bratavio got through plan ITV boycott

‘It needs to end!’ Furious X Factor fans call for the show to be CANCELLED after Sharon Osbourne puts Honey G through to live finals
In my eyes, this was very much a publicity stunt, to attract more viewers, to generate more revenue. Make your mind up yourself, but my mind has been laid out above, and to me, it seems quite obvious.