Shot reverse shot it a technique used mainly in conversations, but can also be used in other functions, such as a character looking at an entity. This technique usually is adopted along with the 180 degree rule, in order to help provide continuity to the scene. Shot reverse shot features two (or sometimes more for a smoother flow) shots, which cut to provide a face-to-face style scene.

An example of shot reverse shot is a character in a job interview. Every time the character being interviewed is talking, the shot is pointed at them, although when the interviewer ready to ask another question, the shot faces the interviewer, for their line of dialog.

Shot reverse shot is named quite literally, for it’s method of use. A shot is shown of the first character, the camera reversed, and another shot given of the second character. This technique makes the viewer feel more in depth and involved. In a real life conversation, a bystander in the conversation will usually look at the speaker, as opposed to constantly looking at one of the speakers. This technique keeps the flow of speech smooth, and allows for continuity, in the event that a character’s line is accidentally read wrong and the shot done again.

Here is an example of shot reverse shot, from TV show Line of Duty. This shot shows the Police Sergeant looking at a distraught mother and baby.




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